Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stepping away from BFG

I have realized that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I really cannot seem to find the time that this blog needs to give it the proper attention it needs.

So, if you were one of the ten people who read this blog, my most heartfelt apologies. I will still be well dedicated to my original blog: as well as other professional matters related to baking and pastry... most importantly my job and all future culinary projects I have lined up.

I still hope for the day when I can actually go to St. John.


  1. I know that you're a super busy person, but please reconsider. Just because you can't post as much as you'd like, doesn't mean you can't post when you can.

  2. If don't like snails you won't enjoy a meal at St Johns. Brain terrine? marrow bones? shit food man. And a massive pavlova for dessert. Over rated. The idea is great! that 'he makes restaurant food out of offal' wow! but you still have to eat guts... He's only 2 tube stations away from mine and I haven't been back in 9 years.

  3. thanks for this blog chef. I for one quite enjoyed it. If you do happen to go to St.John's someday, please drop mention in your other blog. It is always a pleasure reading the opinion of a fellow professional, especially one like yourself.

  4. Chef Migoya, how strange...

    You might not remember me, but in high hopes, I am the girl who fell in love with the ice cream station during my three weeks BOH Apple Pie. You helped me develop a recipe for earl grey tea ice cream with shortbread inclusions. I miss it. You should bring it back!

    Now back to the present. It was a complete accident that I stumbled upon this blog of yours. Here I am this rainy morning doing my weekly dose of Fergus Henderson research (as I am in an endless search of how to land a job there after graduating this March), and I wander to this site and spy your name. How interesting that you and I share the same respectful fascination with an amazing chef.

    I do not mean to strike jealously, but I have eaten at St. John, just once, unfortunately. I would love to discuss it with you sometime. Hopefully you still get notifications when a person posts on here.

    ~Ashley Corbett